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Irrigatie, Valves, Filters,
Pipe Fittings & more...

Power Plastics is founded in 1981 and since than active in the market as
wholesaler-inmporter & exporter of a wide range of irrigation materials and
products for watertreatment.

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Products of Power Plastics

Power Plastics BV

Your partner and wholesaler for
pipes, fittings, valves, filters, irrigation equipment & more....

Tailor-made products.

Today, irrigation and water treatment systems
are complex installations. Designing installations and selecting components
that would fit perfectly to the design requirements, require  clients to possess a high degree of expertise.
Power Plastics b.v. offers everything that is needed in order to make the right
choice for these installations and design requirements.

Product groups

Manual Valves
Ball valves ; butterfly valves , gate valves & more . . .
Automatic valves
Valves with pneumatic or electric actuators. Solenoid valves & special valves
Check valves
Check valves for pressure pipe systems
Filters for water. Screen filters automatic. Media filters.
Sprinklers-Driplines-inserted drip systems custommade & more . . .
Measuring, Control & Miscelleneous
Flowmeters, dosing pumps, mixers, solvent cement & accessoiries
Pipes PVC and PE. Hoses
PVC & PE for low and high pressure systems
Drainage fittings, low pressure fittings
Glue and rubber joint fittings for low pressure systems
High pressure fittings & PE compression fittings
Most complete range of PVC and PE pressure fittings
Product groups with actual prices. Prices are subject to change.
Overview of our sales products with actual prices.

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Rivulius Irrigation

Power Plastics is dealer van Rivulis Irrigation
Download hier het Rivulis Irrigation Price Book

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